If you think compliance is expensive,

-Former US Attorney General Paul McNulty

Meet Assertion - a SaaS-based, Compliance Automation Platform

Assertion Compliance Studio


Assertion is a SaaS service that automates your  industry or corporate compliance/regulations.


Assertion uses Compliance BOT technology to connect, collect, analyse, transform and report on controls defined in authority documents

Continuous Compliance

Assertion’s continuous compliance enables you to proactively schedule, monitor and remedy compliance violations.

Compliance Platform

Install  C-BOTs as needed on Assertion platform. One CBOT per regulatory standard, e.g. SOC2, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA etc.

Tamper Proof

Assertion’s compliance scan results and reports are secure, digitally signed and tamper proof.

Alerts & Reports

Assertion notifies you via SMS/Email alerts when it detects compliance violations. Prepare for compliance audits with Assertion’s on-demand report generation

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