About Us

Silvertip is a Regulation Technology (RegTech) startup. We specialize in automating industry and corporate regulations for enterprises. Automating regulatory compliance enables corporations to achieve continuous compliance, proactively address violations, avoid fines and protect reputation.

Our Team

Raja Ati, Founder & CEO

I am the founder of Silvertip Software. Technology is my passion and have worked on it all my life. I designed hardware, wrote software, architected systems and solutions, was responsible for product. I was fortunate to have worked for great leaders and have led many teams in the course of my career. I am very good at converting concepts to fully architected solutions - been there done that. I am proud to say that I was part of a small team that conceptualized, incubated and productized Cisco's Hosted Collaboration Solution, which is now one of the leading hosted collaboration solutions out there. Prior to Cisco I worked at Monterey Networks (acquired by Cisco) Alcatel and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Pavani A. Vadlamani, Compliance Architect

I am a technology professional who loves to champion a good idea so it becomes great. I excel at taking complex technical ideas and distilling them into understandable requirements. My background and education are loaded with traditional computer and software engineering projects, centered around improving user experiences. I have been fortunate to guide teams and customers in developing meaningful products where no comparable solution existed.
I hold a doctorate in engineering from Southern Methodist University and worked at Elbit Systems, Brierly & Partners, ACS, Susan G. Komen, and Cook Children's Healthcare with a steadfast focus in improving requirements engineering. My industry portfolio spans across aerospace, retail, marketing, education and healthcare non-profits supporting high-profile customers with their compliance needs, including learning about and meeting the demands of becoming CMMI, ITIL, PCI and HIPPA compliant. I am also a yoga teacher and writer, and believe in helping others achieve their highest potential.