Reduce Regulatory, Operational and Technology Risk through Automated Compliance 

Who is it for?

As organizations adopt cloud applications to enable their employees, compliance considerations come into play. Companies are challenged with developing comprehensive compliance and cloud-specific policies and then enforcing compliance regulations in cloud environments, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platforms. 
Efficiently and effectively remediating instances of compliance violation in the cloud – and subsequently demonstrating compliance – is a formidable undertaking, especially when considering 75% of of security risk in the average organization can be attributed to just 1% of users. This is compounded by the fact that 70% of sharing occurs with non-corporate email address in the average organization.
With Assertion's  automatic compliance application, you can confidently work in the cloud while adhering to compliance regulations such as GDPR, PCI and internal corporate policies. We add new feature packs per compliance/regulation on an as-needed basis. HIPAA, SOX and FedRamp are in our roadmap.

5 Steps To Compliance

On Boarding

Business and Technical Assessment

Define Policies

Identify Regulations and create custom policy book

Establish Trustbots

Use Assertion’s Trustbots and/or create custom bots

Trustbot Execution

Execute, Scan and Report

Audit & Certify