Unified Collaboration Application Visibility


Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution a voice, video, chat solution is hosted by more than 100 Service Providers worldwide. HCS UC applications (CUCM, Unity etc.) are deployed in data centers as virtual machines on Cisco UCS infrastructure. For a given corporate customer, a service provider will deploy and manage 100s or 1000s of UC applications.  Today, there are many tools out there for network and IaaS visibility. However there aren’t any smart tools available for (UC) application visibility – a top down view from the application perspective. This is precisely the pain point that HCS XRAY addresses – UC Application visibility.


Who is it for?

HCS XRAY is for the Product Manager, Operations Personnel, Architect or the Engineer who manages HCS on a day-to-day basis. It gives you a complete view of the UC Applications deployed across all data centers. Besides providing a high-level view of all the Unified Collaboration Applications, it shows the Utilization by Customer or Datacenter, performs Capacity and Upgrade planning and does a what-if analyses. Most importantly, it will generate reports that you can export and feed to other systems. 


How does it work?

  • HCS XRAY is built on  Docker and uses Angular 4 Material.
  • XRAY discovers the data across available apps and puts it into a tabular form which is more conducive for comparisons and making quicker decisions.
  • XRAY discovers all the information necessary from the underlying Datacenter infrastructure, so you don’t have to do anything except configure before getting started.
  • XRAY allocates VMs across blades based on sequential or round-robin algorithms, so allocations are optimized to reduce free space and to increase the density of subscribers on each blade. 
  • Capacity planning helps admins to do what-if analyses on how many subscribers can be accommodated on available free resources and to plan for expansion. 
  • Capacity Planning involves the allocation of VMs to support given number of subscribers for a given customer. 


  • View all UC applications that are  not compatible with a given HCS release. XRAY determines the compatibility of the UC App version with the “HCS compatibility matrix” published by Cisco. At a glance, you can identify incompatible UC Apps. 
  • Check the compatibility of the current UC App version with later HCS releases, if you are planning an HCS upgrade.
  • View all UC Apps (CUCM, CUC, IM&P) co-related by customers across all Data Centers
  • See all running VMs and the underlying resources; Key resources like vCPU, RAM and storage
  • Applications View lists all the running app instances along with the UC App resource consumption
  • Infrastructure View displays the resource consumption for each blade
  • Export and print reports as CSV/PDF  

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